Beat the Winter Slump

Beat the Winter SlumpAs we slowly progress into Winter, more and more people are on the lookout for natural common cold remedies and ways to increase their energy levels. In this two-part post, we’ll help you discover organic teas and foods that will give you the boost you need.  



To keep you going on those chilly mornings, liberally sip on our organic Earl Grey. You’ll get a little kick from the natural caffeine found in black teas, sans the jittery effect you’d get from drinking two cups of coffee. Black tea is known to have many health benefits to help boost your immunity to keep you strong through to Spring. The true beauty of Earl Grey, however, is the aromatherapeutic Bergamot infusion known to have a calming effect that will also boost your mood.

SUNSHINE BLEND (Organic, Caffeine Free)

Lemon, Ginger, Rooibos… need we say more? Lemon naturally contains flu busting, antibacterial properties, and vitamin C will help your body better absorb iron. The Sunshine Blend also contains lemongrass herb: great for a sore throat or a pesky cough. Ginger has been used for centuries for it’s medicinal wonders and anti-inflammatory power. Ginger will relieve aches and pains associated with sluggish days due to cooler temperatures and rainy days; it will energize you.

CHOCOLATE (Organic, Caffeine Free, Rooibos Based)

Natural dark chocolate bits in your tea allow for a subtle flavor profile of delicious hot chocolate; that alone is a marvellous Winter remedy! Dark chocolate stimulates blood flow and contains disease fighting antioxidants, both aid in warding off colds. Peppermint refreshes and soothes pains as well as fighting congestion.

CRANBERRY BLISS (Organic, Caffeine Free, Fruit Blend)

Cranberries, although usually reserved for Thanksgiving dinner menus, is actually really great for fighting infections and reducing inflammation. We blend the vitamin packed tea with healthy dried fruits including apples and oranges, and add fair trade hibiscus flowers from Sudan. The flowers help lower blood pressure, reduce puffiness and keep your beautiful self looking fresh.

All our teas can be purchased in-store at 540 Fisgard St., Chinatown, Victoria BC. By popular demand, we will soon be launching an online shop for all your tea and coffee needs. Join our email list to stay in the loop.

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