Chinatown & Chinese New Year


Celebrate Year of the Goat

Celebrate the Year of the Goat in Chinatown at Venus Sophia. The exciting Lion Dance will take place on Chinatown Streets between 12 – 2 p.m. on Sunday February 22, passing by Venus Sophia to “eat” a vegetarian offering and bring good fortune to the tea room and everyone there!

Our Annual Chinese New Year Afternoon Tea is being served between Wednesday 18 to Sunday 22 featuring East meets West fusion cuisine and delightful organic Chinese tea pairings. Don’t miss out on this delicate and delicious three course meal served on a traditional three tiered tray. The menu includes five spice scones with ginger jam, marbled tea eggs, coconut cake and sweet red bean dessert – all the right foods to be eating to welcome the new year. Please have a look at the menu here.

From our Secret Tea Menu, try Bai Mu Dan White Tea (White Peony Tea) an exquisite hand plucked tea from Northern Fujian, China. Bai Mu Dan is made up of white silver needle buds and young green tea leaves, which have been dried under the sun for a couple of days then briefly oxidized. The flavor is smooth and sweet, very delicate, reminiscent of chestnuts – and it gets creamier and fuller with a second brew. Enjoy this special white tea by the pot for two, served in signature vintage teacups only at Venus Sophia ($3.95)

We welcome you to join us this Friday and over the weekend to enjoy the Chinese New Year festivities! We’ll be serving scrumptious lunch, brunch, afternoon tea and so much more. See you then!

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