Daily Rituals to Ground and Inspire Us

Daily Rituals to Ground and Inspire Us

Life can get a little hectic sometimes. It can be overwhelming – daunting even – as we scramble to get through the weekdays and on to the weekend, only to do it all over again on Monday.

Our to-do lists keep growing, our networks are constantly expanding and both our family and work roles seem to be as demanding as ever. Then in the middle of it all the age of the internet and social media’s double sided sword is making it challenging to allow ourselves a chance to truly disconnect. To regain balance. To remain grounded.

There’s no denying it. We are busy people and it’s not something that we can – or necessarily want to – just change or drop. Being busy is also good for us after all, it’s like fuel, it helps us progress and prosper.

But how can we keep up while we are so caught up in it all?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and I believe I have found a pretty good solution. It’s actually something we all already instinctively know but perhaps tend to forget about or not pay enough attention to.

That is the magic of daily rituals.

I’m not talking about anything overtly spiritual or kombaya-ish – not that there’s anything wrong with that at all, but this article is about something else. I’m talking about simple daily routines that make us feel good and keep us in check. It can actually be anything you do repetitively, like a daily habit, that is useful and positive.

For myself, I love what I call “tea time” as a ritual because – other than all the amazing health benefits – it really helps me slow down. Tea time to me personally can be anything from sitting alone in a quaint cafe sipping on herbal brew for 10 minutes before a meeting or gathering with a group of loved ones around a table brimming with healthy eats and hot tea (in England they call this High Tea). Even better is making time to regularly partake in the traditional Royal ritual of Afternoon Tea. Put simply, Afternoon Tea is a heavenly treat consisting of small savouries, cakes and tea to be enjoyed over good conversation. Or with a great book if you are by yourself.

The idea is that in partaking in these rituals, you are actually giving your entire self to the moment. You are surrendering your thoughts, your ego, your idea of time. You are slowing down to reconnect with your inner self and to those who matter. In doing so, everything falls in perspective, we suddenly become more grateful, more aware. Tea time rituals uplift us,  making us feel good, vibrant and whole again.

No matter which tea time tea style you choose and no matter how much time you spend doing it, I promise you will feel inspired and rejuvenated. It’s like being transported to a place of calm and you will be better in touch with your inner beauty. Suddenly, all that energy you thought was drained is regained; ready for you to use to get things done with a big smile.

Visit us for your tea time ritual or pick up one of our signature loose tea canisters to enjoy in the comfort of your home. For Afternoon Tea service, please call our reservations team to book your table now at 250-590-3953.





Co-owner, creative director, tea expert and social butterfly at Venus Sophia. Favorite tea: organic Blue Sapphire Earl Grey Favorite menu item: Signature Afternoon Tea Daily affirmation: "Follow your heart, be true to yourself and keep smiling."

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