How to Make the Best Iced Tea


Making the perfect Iced Tea couldn’t be easier and quicker than this! Follow our expert tips to make delicious iced tea at home with your favorite Venus Sophia teas.

Expert Tip 1: Always use loose leaf teas like Venus Sophia’s for higher quality, best flavor and optimum nutrition benefits. Tea prepackaged in bags can be broken down to dust and contain undesirable parts of the tea plant. Tea tastes best when the full tea leaf can expand, while having enough space to completely be immersed in the hot water during brewing. It’s hard for the leaves to fully reveal themselves when they are bundled up, crammed and sealed in a little bag.

Expert Tip 2: When choosing tea to prepare iced we suggest going for: black teas, herbal and fruit tisanes and naturally scented/flavored teas (such as Earl Greys, tea blends with rose, lavender, chocolate etc.). These full-bodied varieties will burst with flavor and do not easily give off a “watered down” taste when poured over ice. They are easier to prepare and you need not use more tea quantities to make great tasting batches in large amounts. If you like to sweeten your drink with honey, sugar or syrups there’s also a very good chance they will stand up to the taste of sugar added nicely.

iced tea

Expert Tip 3: Use 1 tsp of Venus Sophia organic loose leaf tea per 1 cup (8 oz) when brewing hot tea. Use double the quantity to prepare iced tea. The easiest and quickest way to brew loose tea is with a paper tea filter or infuser. Make sure you purchase unbleached paper tea filters with lots of room for the tea leaves to expand, we suggest always going a size up when selecting paper filters (paper filters are available to purchase in-store). If you will sweeten your tea, do so while brewing in hot water so that the sugar or syrup may properly melt and create the desired taste you are looking for.

What method should I use for brewing?

If you are making an instant iced tea just for one, use a regular mug or cup for brewing. Then transfer the steeped tea into a glass full of ice.

If you are making a large batch, use a large tea pot to brew your desired tea (make sure to use correct measurements as explained above), then transfer the steeped tea into a heat and ice proof jug which has been pre-filled with ice.

Expert Tip 4: Steep for the correct amount of time at the correct temperature:

Black Tea ~ bring water to a full boil (212°F) and steep 3 to 4 minutes 
Green Tea ~ in hot water just short of boiling point (175°F) and steep 2 to 3 minutes
Oolong ~ brew with boiling water and steep 4 to 5 minutes
Herbal Tisanes ~ brew with boiling water and steep 5  to 7 minutes

Remove the paper filter or infuser and let your freshly brewed tea stand for a couple of minutes. Pour over ice, and add more ice as needed. Garnish with lemon, fresh mint, or sliced fruit of your choice. Enjoy!

You may purchase all our fresh, premium organic loose teas in-store. Get 10% off when you bring back your tin for a refill. Plus, ask us for a sample of your choice of tea from our signature collection with your next purchase. Unbleached paper filters are also available to purchase in store.


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