Signature Tea Collection


A Tea Time Journey

When you visit us in-store you will be presented with a wide selection of herbal, black, rooibos, fruit, and green loose leaf teas, so you may choose “just the right” variety for you in that moment. Our tea list is presented to you at the table and your server will be delighted to help you make a selection. Browse our beautiful new retail space lined with all our signature blends. You can see, smell, and learn about each unique loose tea presented in glass jars before you buy. Sip on your favourite tea in unique vintage teacups while you lounge at Venus Sophia….or take your tea to go! All our organic loose leaf teas can also be purchased in our signature red tins or eco-friendly pouches to take home for your personal enjoyment.


Just for you! Here are some of Victoria’s best kept secrets

10% OFF  your tea purchase when you bring your tin back for refill

10% OFF  any retail tea with your Afternoon Tea order

10% OFF  retail tea purchase of the ‘Tea of the Day’ on the day of your visit

10% OFF  tea to go purchase when you bring your travel mug

Fresh, Handpicked Loose Leaf Teas

Our teas are carefully hand plucked in the mountainous terrain and high altitude of the world’s leading growing regions from Darjeeling to Sri Lanka. This means two amazing things. First, the quality is exceptional and secondly, the harvesting process consumes very little fossil fuel and releases virtually no CO2. We make sure that all tea gardens we source from provide excellent working conditions and that our suppliers are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. Many of our teas are also Fair Trade Certified.

Organic Teas

We do our absolute best to ensure that the greater majority of our teas are 100% organic. The reason we choose organic is very simple: it’s so much healthier and safer for you to consume, for the environment, and for the farmers and workers at the tea gardens. And that makes us really happy.

Our organic teas are free from harmful chemicals, pesticides and are grown without petroleum based fertilizers. This means when you drink Venus Sophia teas you are getting the most nutrients and the best flavour out of every cup. All of our organic teas are certified 100% organic (USA, CANADA, EU).

Locally Handcrafted

Our true love story with tea is in hand crafting blends in small batches right here in Victoria. We select the healthiest, tastiest, organic flowers, ingredients and herbs to create beautiful teas like our Sunshine Blend, Mint Chocolate, Jasmine Flower, Cherry Blossom and so many more. Co-owner and Tea Sommelier Sallie El Alaily is the inspiration behind our Signature Tea Collection, featuring unique wellness and beauty blends. 

Only Pure Goodness

We have our own family and we know what it’s like to be so conscious of what we eat and drink at home. That’s why we would not have it any other way at our business and for you.

Our teas are free of artificial flavours, gluten or wheat, soy and dairy. So you might wonder how some of our tea blends are “flavored”? We are proud to say that our tea blends are made with 100% pure ingredients which we select and blend ourselves. For example, when you drink our Afternoon Tea Blend, you are drinking pure lavender, pure rose petals and pure tea leaves that have simply been infused in boiling water to retrieve the natural flavor of those ingredients.

There are a few traditional teas we carry such as Earl Grey and Cream Earl Grey that need to be infused with essential oils to become the distinguished blends that they are. We ensure that such varieties are infused with the highest quality of organic natural oils extracted from real fruit, flowers and herbs.

Some studies show that there is a possibility of finding wheat/gluten traces in artificially flavored teas (they may contain barley or barley malt). But at Venus Sophia, all the tea you buy is completely free of wheat, gluten and any artificial flavoring methods. In addition, there is no dairy or milk chocolate in any of our teas. All chocolate used in our handcrafted teas come from the cocoa bean and is pure dark chocolate. Any dried fruit (blueberries, raisins, apples, orange peel, pineapple) used in our blends are naturally dried and free of sulphites.