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Impress your friends over the dining table with your knowledge of food and tea pairings. Pairing food and tea should be fun, enjoyable and with a little bit of insight, simple. At Venus Sophia we like to say that taste is as personal as style, so essentially it will all boil down to your personal preferences.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with unorthodox combinations, but keep in mind that we do have to find flavors which compliment each other; even if they are opposites like say ‘sweet and sour’ or sweet and salty. Great food and tea pairings will enhance the flavours of both elements combined, so you are getting the absolute best in terms of tasting experience. It will be like a memorable explosion of textures and flavors flowing in one bite and sip – evoking feelings of joy and so much more. Excited to find the perfect match? Here are some tips to get you started:

Black teas pair marvellously with hearty dishes

Think lasagnas, pastas, English breakfast (there’s a tea for that!), cheese and egg dishes. The strong and full bodied flavor commonly experienced in classic black teas make it a good match for equally strong and full flavours found in a heavy meal. As a rule of thumb, the more rounded and strong the black tea, the better match it is for a heavy dish. Medium to light black teas such as our TGFOP Royal Darjeeling and Organic Ceylon are lovely to pair with tea sandwiches, lighter cheeses, and pastries such as scones. Earthy Pu-ehr – although not a black tea – is also best for heavy dishes.

Green teas compliment vegetarian dishes

Green teas go well with so many dishes, but its important not to overpower a cup of green tea with a super hearty or heavy meal. Green teas are lighter in texture and flavor, they are usually vegetative and have a grassy taste. Many Chinese green teas have a ‘smokiness’ about them, you could try those with smoked foods, Asian and Middle Eastern dishes. To compliment the natural flavors of green tea, think of steamed vegetables, vegetarian sushi, brown rice, noodles, stir fry, and salads.

Enjoy Oolong tea on its own or with grilled food

Oolong teas offer complex flavor, some tending to be smokier and richer than others.  Because oolongs are “in between” a black and green tea they can be sipped with a variety of foods. Try oolong with grilled tofu or tempeh and veggies with rice. For dessert, oolong is delightful with fruit and white chocolate.

Drink White tea as an “aperitif”

White tea undergoes the least processing of all types of tea. It’s very light and delicate, offering a sophisticated flavour profile with peachy and/or floral notes. The best way to enjoy white tea is on it’s own before digging into your meal, which will open up your senses and appetite. White tea will also pair nicely with some fruits such as melon and peaches, but our favorite way to drink it is on its own.

Scented and naturally flavored teas + desserts = heaven

Venus Sophia’s Earl Grey is the perfect match for dark chocolate. Try Cream Earl Grey with carrot cake in lemon icing for a scrumptious treat. Floral teas like our Victoria Rose and Afternoon Tea blend are delightful with lavender shortbread, fluffy scones and macarons. Chai is full bodied and spicy which will compliment rich and very sweet desserts like chocolate cake

Please check our blog posts again for future articles on food and tea pairings with many more suggestions and insights! Enjoy!


Photo taken by Jen Chen at Venus Sophia

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