We met and fell in love when we least expected it. We travelled to Toronto from Egypt and Switzerland on separate journeys with a hope to start a new adventure, working hard to realize the “Canadian dream”. A mutual friend connected us through the delivery of – ironically – genuine Canadian maple syrup. After many tea time dates, romantic letters and long walks in the park, the wedding bells followed.

We moved to lush Victoria without really planning it. And in a matter of weeks we stumbled on a teahouse in unlikely Chinatown, not knowing our fate was to buy it right then. That’s how we began creating the eatery of our dreams in early 2011. The rest as they say, is history.

Venus Sophia is a living, breathing story of feel-good serendipity. We believe everything is “maktoub” as we say in Arabic, or “pre-written destiny”.

Many people ask us about the name. Venus is symbolic for beauty and love. Sophia to us means “Sufi”, traditional wisdom, a way of living and seeking truth by following the heart and soul. By letting things flow naturally.

We hope your flow allows you to discover Venus Sophia to enjoy and indulge in some of our favourite things:

Wholesome, nourishing, homemade food we prepare ourselves daily with fresh ingredients. Warm people, smiles, laughter and conversation. Beautiful decor and atmosphere with a thousand personal touches. Good books. Fine luxurious things like a dainty teacup with gold hand drawn detail, a majestic chandelier beaming above as we sip on a soothing fresh brew, a pretty picture frame that evokes a sweet memory, the touch velvet fabric on a cozy sofa. An abundance of flowers. Great music. Cake. Flavourful sandwiches. Afternoon tea.

Everything here is made with love from our hearts to yours, from our family to yours.


Sallie & Alain

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